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Plant-Based Diet Cookbook

Rachel Dash

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Plant-Based Diet Cookbook

Every day is a new day! What are you eating today? There is a wide choice, perhaps too much, and all this confuses you.
I guess you'd like to live an energetic life without giving up on the meals you enjoy the most, but how do you do it without going against your principles? And who says you can't eat something tasty, for example, a Burrito Bowl even with the Plant-Based diet?
Not all diets include processed foods...

In nutrition, there are often people who, for ethical principles, AVOID -promoting violence- by eating animal meat.
Vegetarians and Vegans, for example.
Then there are people who, perhaps like you, do not want to be TAINTED by what they ingest, and, therefore, there is the preference to consult a Plant-Based diet.

Plant-Based Diet has one main difference with the vegan diet; it aims to not eating industrially processed foods that are actually more harmful to health.
It is mainly based on the consumption of fruit and vegetables, whole grain, and avoiding (or decreasing) the intake of animal products and processed foods.
But life for those who have chosen to respect this style is not easy!

That's why Plant-Based Diet Cookbook was born; 600 Easy, Affordable, and Kitchen-Tested Recipes for Living, Eating Well, and Having Benefits for Your Health Every Day; 30-Day Meal Plan Included.
Consulting the Plant-Based Diet Cookbook means you don't have to give up anything, not even desserts! Which are carefully processed with no refined sugar or bleached flour.

In short, in both diets, you don't eat the hamburger, but for different reasons
Vegans because they don't eat meat; those who follow a Plant-Based diet because they don't eat processed foods with hydrogenated fats, and this is for health reasons.

So, what will you find in this 600-recipe book?

The Plant-Based diet for some minor health issuesThe Meaning of the Diet is DifferentWhat is a Plant-Based Diet?8 Ways to Get Started with a Plant-Based DietBenefits a Number of Health DisordersAnd much more information

What are you waiting for? BUY NOW "Plant-Based Diet" and eat what you like the most without going against your values!

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Released January 27, 2021
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