Poppa Didn't Play That - Mildred K Burrell - Bøger - Independently Published - 9798654885425 - June 23, 2020

Poppa Didn't Play That

Mildred K Burrell

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Poppa Didn't Play That

I think it was Albert, my oldest cousin and the fastest runner, who found Poppa coming in from the fields. When we caught up with them we were all screaming so loud that Poppa had to calm us down to get the story. When we told him, he looked at us carefully. He knew that none of us would dare to lie to him. We could tease and play with Big Momma and get away with it, but we knew not to try that with Poppa. He did not have time for "foolishness"-he had too much work to do. Poppa didn't have time for that. He turned and rushed to the house, loaded his shotgun and grabbed some extra shells.

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Released June 23, 2020
ISBN13 9798654885425
Publishers Independently Published
Pages 124
Dimensions 152 × 229 × 7 mm   ·   190 g
Language English