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Guitar Music Theory

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Guitar Music Theory

This book, Guitar Music Theory, has been written in a conscious effort to take the guitar enthusiast on an entertaining journey of learning, as well as to supply the intermediate player who's aspiring for mastery, with solid, result-oriented practice to ease his journey toward becoming a pro. You'll find that there are many approaches to this particular subject, but only a few provide guitar students with the kind of guide that works, without allowing boredom to set in. As you follow the guide provided in this book, you'll discover an exciting experience in guitar music - the seemingly impossible concepts and techniques that you have shied away from - are simplified and presented in an easy to understand manner. In addition, the content is replete with tips and tricks to help learners improve with speed. Consideration was also given to the fact that people learn at different speeds, and this is seen in the unique design and structure of the lessons taught. Learning the guitar ought to be fun and that belief influenced the structure of this book because you should enjoy the experience. For beginners, the flow is simple, smooth, and fluid. For intermediate players, the stagnating obstacles have been dismantled with easy-to-follow steps. Also, the layout makes it easy to use the content as instructional material for teachers. You can be sure that it's a different experience when you have a physical teacher to guide you, but a more enduring approach to mastering the guitar is being able to teach yourself. So, with a concise guide like this one, you can learn solo, or combine it with other resources to accelerate your progress. The guitar is a wonderful gift to the world, so as you go through the pages of this book, consider it an accompaniment to help you enjoy the gift - and not as another frustrating compilation of boring jargon. It's time to start making music! Click the Buy Now button to get started.

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Released June 17, 2020
ISBN13 9798654891303
Publishers Independently Published
Pages 134
Dimensions 152 × 229 × 7 mm   ·   190 g
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