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Scientific Research Methods

Robert Karamagi

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Scientific Research Methods

This book aims to enable you to understand what research is and what it is not. It will raise awareness of crucial aspect of the nature of Knowledge and the value of scientific methods. The book will introduce the concept at the heart of every research project -the research problem- and to discuss what a researchable problem is. Additionally this book will evaluate literature, form a variety of sources, pertinent to the research objectives. Furthermore it will identify and justify the basic components of the research framework, relevant to the tackled research problem. Last the book will explain and justify how researcherswill collect research data and put forward a credible research proposal. The book will provide you with a strong foundation in the conceptualization and operationalization of research, how to design a research project and 'hands-on' skills in the utilization of different research methods. The book structure is based on a cumulative approach which introduces the contents of the academic subject of research theory and practice in a step-by-step manner. It will also involve you practically in order to develop the skills needed to produce a good quality dissertation.

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Released March 2, 2021
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