Start Healing The World - Jame Hiraoka - Books - Independently Published - 9798738968211 - April 16, 2021
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Start Healing The World

Jame Hiraoka

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Start Healing The World

Our bodies have a natural energetic template that is on autopilot to heal, support, and sustain us. This can be witnessed in childbirth. The event of birth is an intense experience to the child and yet, immediately after, the child begins to repair automatically. This template works in unison with a tapestry of woven and unseen energy fields to form our cells and provide balance and wellness to our body by interacting with the necessary forces that surround us.

Are you concerned you will never be healthy again, be able to get off steroids, heal your lungs and get on with your life? Have you tried conventional methods that haven't worked? Frustrated, helpless, and confused about where to turn next? Wondering if there is a way you could actually heal yourself and do it naturally? Don't worry there is! The good news is you already have the answers to how to. You just need to unveil them. If you are ready to actively participate in your own healing, Vicki Graham will gladly guide you there. As a Holistic Health Practitioner, Coach, and Teacher for over 40 years, she has successfully used this method to help thousands of people to Heal including herself.

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meeting your inner physician will help you to unveil the solutions to your own healing. using the principle of the triangle of health is the way to bring your body back into balance your health condition is only a symptom, not the problem, getting to the root of it is the answer. Vibrational medicine and holistic alternative therapies are effective for lasting recovery. To use the art of muscle testing to determine what needs to come back into balance for you to heal. To create a toolbox of resources to design your unique action plan for healing. To Release any blocks that keep you from healing.

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Released April 16, 2021
ISBN13 9798738968211
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Pages 122
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