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Chapter 1: Full Turn Chapter 2: Spinning Out Chapter 3: Hybrid From A Fairway Bunker Chapter 4: Spin The Ball From The Bunker Chapter 5: Feet In The Bunker Chapter 6: Breaking Putts Chapter 7: Bunker Distance Play Chapter 8: Shape The Ball: Draw Chapter 9: Better Hand Position Chapter 10: Drive The Hips Chapter 11: Pure-Rolling Putts Chapter 12: Fairway-Splitting Drive Chapter 13: Hot-Running Draw Chapter 14: Better Control: Power Fade Chapter 15: The "Burning Wedge" Chapter 16: Sky-scraping Flop Shot Chapter 17: The Deadly Chip Shot Chapter 18: The Artful Bunker Shot Chapter 19: Delicate Chip - In this book, PGA teaching pros take you step-by-step through each principle, explaining in detail how to apply each one to the improvement of your game... with insightful suggestions, drills, and helpful photos/illustrations. Golf is a challenging sport that can be played by people of all ages and abilities, but the golf swing can be tough to master. It is normal to have some aspect of your swing that needs work, nearly everyone does. Just by making a few adjustments, you can make significant changes to your swing path, lengthen or strengthen your drive, improve shot accuracy, and so much more. If you want to play the game of golf, it's very important and beneficial to dedicate time apart from the driving range and course... to read and study the sport so you know what and how to change your gameplay. No worries, this book also suggests lots of practice opportunities for the range and course as you improve.

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Released April 28, 2021
ISBN13 9798745824227
Publishers Independently Published
Pages 218
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