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Bong Joon Ho Collection


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Bong Joon Ho Collection

Collection of six South Korean dramas directed by Bong Joon Ho. In 'Barking Dogs Never Bite' (2000) unemployed academic Ko Yun-ju (Sung-jae Lee) becomes agitated by his neighbour's dog and decides to take drastic action to silence it. Meanwhile, Park Hyun-nam (Doona Bae) begins investigating when a number of canines are reported missing by residents of her apartment complex.

In 'Memories of Murder' (2003), set in 1986 in a small town in Gyeonggi Province, Detective Park Doo-man (Kang-ho Song) and his partner, Detective Cho Yong-koo (Roe-ha Kim), investigate the brutal rape and murder of two women discovered in a ditch. They are aided in their investigation by Seoul detective Seo Tae-yoon (Sang-Kyung Kim), whose methods clash with Park's. When another body is discovered it becomes apparent the detectives are searching for an elusive serial killer, and they find themselves investigating the deaths of ten women over the course of six years.

'The Host' (2006) follows snack bar owner Gang-du Park (Song) and his family as they are forced to fight back against a mysterious monster which emerges from the Han River in Seoul. Fearing the worst after his daughter Hyun-seo (Ko Asung) is captured and carried away by the unidentified creature, Gang-du is left shocked when he receives a phone call from her explaining she is being held captive by the monster deep in the sewers. Spurred on by Hyun-seo's unexpected call, Gang-du gathers together the remaining members of his family and bravely sets off into the sewers in a bid to rescue her.

In 'Mother' (2009), in a remote village in South Korea, a lonely single mother looks after her mentally handicapped son Do-jun (Weon Bin) while scraping a living as an acupuncturist. But her simple, poverty-stricken life is suddenly plunged into chaos when her son is arrested for the brutal murder of a local schoolgirl. Convinced that he has been set up, the mother sets out to prove her son's innocence to the police, who seem more interested in closing the case than in researching other possible leads.

In 'Snowpiercer' (2013), following a failed attempt to halt global warming that sparked a new ice age in 2014, the last humans on Earth circumnavigate the globe aboard the Snowpiercer train. 17 years on, with the train rigidly divided by class, the poor inhabitants of the train's tail section, led by Curtis (Chris Evans), decide to rebel and demand better treatment and living conditions. After freeing security expert Namgoong (Song) and his daughter Yona (Asung), the band of rebels make their way to the front of the train in search of its creator, Wilford (Ed Harris).

Finally, in 'Parasite' (2019) Kim Ki-taek (Song) sees a way out of his struggling family's poverty when he is employed by the wealthy Park family to tutor their daughter Da-hye (Ji-so Jung). He quickly ingratiates himself with the Park family and convinces them to employ the rest of his impoverished family disguised as his acquaintances. However, their scheme to infiltrate the Park family's lavish life soon turns awry when their true identities come under scrutiny.

The collection also includes 'Parasite: Black and White Edition' (2019).

Media Movies     Blu-ray   (Blu-ray Disc)
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Released April 19, 2021
EAN/UPC 5021866273402
Dimensions 145 × 187 × 51 mm   ·   566 g
Playtime 14:41:00
Region code Region B   (Europe, Africa, Southwest Asia and Oceania)
Language English   Korean  
Subtitles English Spanish

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