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Hollywood Homicide

Hollywood Homicide [edizione:

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Hollywood Homicide

Joe Gavilan (Harrison Ford) is an LAPD officer moonlighting as a real-estate agent to make ends meet. K. C. Calden (Josh Hartnett) is a fellow officer, sometimes masquerading as a yoga instructor to meet women, and harbouring some serious acting aspirations. As the two struggle to pursue their sideline businesses, they get called up to investigate the mysterious murder of a rap group called H20 Klick. As the duo track down the killers, plenty of laughs ensue as they both desperately attempt to sell their alternative careers to anyone that crosses their paths. Joe attempts to sell property to the nightclub owner where the shootings took place, and K. C. endlessly quotes movie dialogue in an attempt to brush up on his acting skills at the most inopportune moments. The action builds to a frantic finale involving some spectacular--and hilarious--car chases around the crime-strewn streets of Los Angeles.
Director Ron Shelton (BULL DURHAM) utilises some eccentric casting (Martin Landau and Master P both have cameo roles), a string of witty one-liners, and spectacular location shoots to tell this humorous tale. Ford and Hartnett make a convincing on-screen partnership, clearly enjoying their roles as mismatched cop buddies, and providing plenty of laughs among the often chaotic, action-packed sequences.

Media Movies     DVD
Number of discs 1
Released January 26, 2004
Original release date 2003
EAN/UPC 5035822485938
Label Sony Pictures CDR34859
Dimensions 200 g   (Weight (estimated))
Region code Region 2   (Europa)
Language English   Arabic   Bulgarian   Czech   Hindi   Croatian   Hungarian   Icelandic   Dutch   Polish   Romanian   Russian   Turkish  
Primary Contributor Harrison Ford
Primary Contributor Josh Hartnett
Producer Allegra Clegg
Producer David V. Lester
Producer Joe Roth
Producer Lou Pitt
Producer Robert Souza
Writer Robert Souza
Writer Ron Shelton
Skuespiller Bruce Greenwood
Skuespiller Lena Olin
Skuespiller Harrison Ford
Skuespiller Josh Hartnett
Skuespiller Isaiah Washington