Stargate Atlantis S1 - 5 - TV Series - Movies - 20th Century Fox - 5039036041300 - August 10, 2009
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Stargate Atlantis S1 - 5

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Stargate Atlantis S1 - 5

The STARGATE universe is exhilaratingly expanded and the epic feel of the franchise is perfected in this acclaimed spin-off of the STARGATE SG-1 series, itself spun-off from the 1994 blockbuster from director Roland Emmerich. In STARGATE: ATLANTIS, an international crew of scientists and soldiers finds yet another Stargate... One which leads to the Lost City of Atlantis. This Stargate, though, isn't on Earth but in the far-away Pegasus Galaxy, and the secret city holds a formidable new enemy--the Wraith. This release includes the complete series.

Media Movies     DVD
Number of discs 21
Released August 10, 2009
EAN/UPC 5039036041300
Label 20th Century Fox 4164601000
Genre Science Fiction
Dimensions 1.16 kg
Region code Region 2   (Europa)
Language English  
Subtitles English

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