Babylon 5 - The Road Home - Matt Peters - Movies - Warner Bros - 5051892243933 - August 14, 2023
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Babylon 5 - The Road Home

Matt Peters

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Babylon 5 - The Road Home

Animated spin-off film from the hugely popular 'Babylon 5' television series and set prior to the events of 'Babylon 5: The Lost Tales' (2007). In the wake of the Shadow War, President John Sheridan (voice of Bruce Boxleitner) sets off for Minbar to work on the Interstellar Alliance, with Delenn (Rebecca Riedy) in tow. When John attends the opening of a sophisticated new power station, he begins to feel disorientated, before he is catapulted two decades into the future.

Just as he is about to uncover how to stop himself from timeline jumping, he is sent into another alternate reality, a parallel world where the course of history took disastrous turns. Can John find a way to stop himself being hurled across the galaxy and make his way back to Delenn, and home?

Media Movies     Blu-ray   (Blu-ray Disc)
Number of discs 1
Released August 14, 2023
EAN/UPC 5051892243933
Label Warner Bros 1000829892
Dimensions 137 × 174 × 15 mm   ·   78 g
Region code Region A   (Americas, East and Southeast Asia) Region B   (Europe, Africa, Southwest Asia and Oceania) Region C   (China, Russia and South Asia)
Language English  
Subtitles Spanish French

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