Don't Break My Heart - Cleopatra - Music - CD Baby - 0620953076626 - October 30, 2007
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Don't Break My Heart


Don't Break My Heart

Cleopatra North America multi-genre multi-talented world famous mega superstar Cleopatra has produced a sizzling new masterpiece album, that guarantees satisfaction to all music lovers. Cleopatra is known to be the queen of milti-genre. This album is so hot. Once you play it, you can't stop.Her voice and talent is so unusual, that you will be inspired and worship the goddess diva. Her music is very catchy with lots of great hooks and drama. This power house is sure to be a collector's item. Cleopatra repertoire consists of all kinds of rock n'roll/funk /R'n'B /pop / soul /gospel /Christian /reggae /power ballads/top 40 /dance / country /classical / blues / jazz,etc.. 'Said to be one of the greatest live performers of all times' said Billboard. Cleopatra is a gifted artist with no musical bounderies said Chart hitter. Vogue Magazine said she is a sizzler showgirl that appeals to all. Cleopatra has received many prestigious world music awards. Cleopatra: Multi-genre, multi-talented musicien performer, entertainer, singing artist B I O G R A P H Y Cleopatra has had the blessing of god and the great sounds of music. Cleopatra very first encounter with music was at the young age of four. It happened one day when little Cleopatra was watching a variety show called The Jackson Five as Cleopatra recalls it was the very first time she had ever seen people dancing, singing and having so much fun and it was very magical while growing up, Cleopatra had no real musical background, just her grand mum the singing house-wife even so Cleopatra considered herself a pioneer with a mission to conquer the unconquered and to become the very best in everything she does. Cleopatra was not the typical high school student, she had a flair for fashion and stood out on her own quite a trendsetter Cleopatra was never a follower but a creative leader, a compelling performer. Cleopatra is what rolling the entertainment carpet out is all about. She got the look, the style and has amazing dance routine that would enchant anyone from the king of pop Michael Jackson to mark Anthony not just a helpless romantic but a visionary humanitarian activists as well. Cleopatra produces, arranges, composes director, engineers, remixes and know to be the queen of many voices. Cleopatra also works with some local D.J.s and engineers in many different genres. All works are directed and produced by Cleopatra. This spectacular singer, songwriter, music composer is said to be one of the Canada greatest live performers of our times (said billboard). Cleopatra is a gifted artist with no musical boundaries (said chart Hitters). Vogue Magazine said Cleopatra is a sizzler showgirl that appeals to all.

Media Music     CD   (Compact Disc)
Number of discs 1
Released October 30, 2007
EAN/UPC 0620953076626
Label CD Baby CDB5637252153.2
Genre Rock
Dimensions 112 g

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