Lamp Post Love Songs - Heartaches - Music - Essential Media Mod - 0894232823120 - February 21, 2023
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Lamp Post Love Songs Remastered edition


Lamp Post Love Songs Remastered edition

The Heartaches were formed in 1961 to appear at a grammar school program. The following two years were spent listening to the radio and practicing songs that they heard and liked, and then, attempting to put them into an acappella rendition that sounded pleasing to the ear. They worked hard to achieve their own style and blend of harmony, and at that time it was termed blue-eyed soul. In 1964 they entered a state talent contest and were awarded third place. This led to various performances in and around New Jersey. In 1965 they signed with Catamount Records, and in the summer of 1966 their first release, "I'm So Young" b/w "A Lover's Call" was released. They appeared at more shows, especially the State Theater in Jersey City with Dickenson's Royal Counts and the now famous Persuasions. Their blend of harmony was made up of one girl and a four man backup. The lead voice shifted from Joanne Lucas to Gerry D'Alesandro in 1967. The band consisted of Joey Calamito (bass), Tommy D'Alesandro (baritone), Charlie Romano and Bobby Taglarini (tenors). In 1968 Joanne Bevaqua and Russel Capo were added. With the fading out of the acappella sound in 1969 they made a few last performances, and like other groups of their nature, took a break and and settled down remembering a few of the bigger stars they had the chance to perform with, such as Dionne Warwick, Lenny Welch and Little Anthony, but never forgetting the many smaller talents they performed with and competed against. This compilation was originally released in the 1970s on Catamount Records in a small, limited run. It is presented here newly remastered and finally made available in the digital domain. .

Media Music     CD   (Compact Disc)
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Released February 21, 2023
EAN/UPC 0894232823120
Label Essential Media Mod ESMM9423282312.2
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