More Horses And Pretty Girls - George Michael - Books - Stratton Press - 9781648954542 - June 28, 2021
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More Horses And Pretty Girls

George Michael

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More Horses And Pretty Girls

Dave Sanders joins Linda, the love of his life in San Francisco. It's the sixties, and they immediately pick up on the lifestyle of the era and the city. Their life there is filled with joy and a lot of love, together and with others. Work is also filled with new adventures as Dave ventures into the new world of main frame computers, operating and programming.

When they leave San Francisco to return to the Midwest, they stop at Waterloo, Iowa, Linda's hometown. There, they get married and spend their wedding night with another couple, who are two old friends. It proves to be a memorable night.

They finally settle on a piece of land in Minnesota, northwest of Minneapolis. There is where they live out their lives, filled with nonstop love and adventure. Work, and the challenges of corporate life, followed by an independent life where he makes his own decisions is a big part of life for Dave. But for Dave, life with Linda was the best adventure of all, as their love continues to grow, no matter how many years go by.

362 pages

Media Books     Paperback Book   (Book with soft cover and glued back)
Released June 28, 2021
ISBN13 9781648954542
Publishers Stratton Press
Pages 362
Dimensions 152 × 229 × 21 mm   ·   531 g
Language English  

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