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AWS Certified Large Print edition

David Jonathan

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AWS Certified Large Print edition

DO YOU DESIRE TO ACQUIRE PROFICIENCY IN YOUR CAREER AS A CERTIFIED AWS CLOUD PRACTITIONER?Now, you can climb the rungs of your professional ladder with confidence by enhancing your skills in cloud computing and acquiring the AWS (Amazon Web Services) certification. Become a certified architect using this study guide written for cloud practitioners. It will help you to pass the AWS Certification Exam. Thousands of practitioners rely on this exam to acquire proficiency in the industry. Exam CLF 101 is an entry-level examination designed for beginners to gain profound knowledge on the course. The information in this book can set you apart for success in this technology-driven career. All over the world, thousands of businesses and industries depend on this exam to certify the practitioners in their firms. This handbook covers the necessary topics you need to pass the exam, including study guide questions. Various Topics You can Learn IncludeWhat is AWS Certification Introduction to the Basics of Cloud ComputingAvailable Support Plans and How to Access ThemHow to Operate AWS Account Using Cost Management and Billing SystemThe Ways of Handling Your AWS ResourcesHow to Understand the AWS EnvironmentHow to Choose a RegionHow to Change your PasswordHow to Get your Billing InformationHow to Secure Your AWS ResourcesDatabase Core Services in AWSHow to Automate Workloads in AWSHandling Networking Core Services in AWSCompute Core Services in AWSAWS Core Storage ServicesExam Study QuestionsAnd Many More... Click the BUY button and let's dive into the study and I bet you, your success is guaranteed!

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Released August 27, 2020
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