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The Changing Narrative of Corruption in Sierra Leone

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The Changing Narrative of Corruption in Sierra Leone

My drive to become a Legal Professional was for obvious reasons, that being to advocate for change and improve on the unimproved. My country, Sierra Leone, is blessed with so many natural resources but has benefited very little of its proceeds because of corruption. The grand corruption that happens among the top public figures needs to be checked to enhance the development in the country. When this is mitigated and possibly eradicated, then the country as whole would be transformed and the proceeds obtained from mining these resources are not pocketed by individuals, but used for the good of the people.

Therefore, it is against this backdrop that I write to argue about the history, and negative effect of corruption in Sierra Leone, and the current action taken to by the Anti Corruption Commission and the Government to bring a stop to any form of corruption. To further the country's growth through the Commission of Inquiry, with the end result being conviction, accountability, and transparency, to discourage any form of corruption from people holding public offices, and private individuals.

This book showcases how the fight against corruption in Sierra Leone is serious at this time, putting the country's image in better footing on the global arena. Hence, is it my desire that it will not only stop, by holding public officers accountable, but also corporate investment companies who pay bribes to get away with anything, even when they violate human rights in their foreign direct investments. This must stop to enhance development in the country.
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Released January 11, 2023
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