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Ignorance Has No Skin Color

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Ignorance Has No Skin Color

I wonder how we've gotten so lost. We've lost all common sense. It doesn't seem to exist.
This is not limited to just the United States and those who call themselves Americans. It's throughout our world. It's from the very top of those in power, throughout governments, and spreading like a virus throughout society. It doesn't discriminate. Yet discrimination is what drives it.
We're just now getting through the worst pandemic in my lifetime, and finally starting to get back to some normalcy. Or at least what is evolving into our new norm. There are so many things that were done wrong with how we dealt with the pandemic, how we dealt with one another, and the bias that continues to grow.
This bias permeates throughout society and is creating a new pandemic. A pandemic we might not recover from. It's a pandemic that affects the mind. We literally have lost our minds and continue to do so.

We're like sheep being led to slaughter, and our main objective seems to be, to slaughter anyone who thinks differently than us.

This pandemic of the mind has infiltrated the most powerful and trickled down to the sheep of our society. It's a moral pandemic. A decency pandemic. A virus that is self-inflicted. We have allowed this virus to control us. To lead us down a path that is increasingly infecting the minds of each generation. It continues to evolve into an art of ignorance.
Ignorance is at the core of this pandemic of our minds. Ignorance has no skin color. It does not discriminate. It doesn't see what's coming. It's clueless. And it's in all of us.
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Released March 23, 2023
ISBN13 9798367455113
Publishers Amazon Digital Services LLC - Kdp
Pages 190
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