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Low Blood Pressure

David Jonathan

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Low Blood Pressure

For most people low blood pressure may not be a problem, however, prolonged state of low blood pressure or hypotension, can trigger severe fatalities, if not properly managed. There are several causes of low blood pressure which will be explained in subsequent chapters of this book. Despite the devastating complications associated with low blood pressure, there are numerous natural, and home remedies, including herbs that can be used in getting your blood pressure back to normal healthy state ( some of these natural remedies might sound strange or rare to you, but they have been proven to work). This book has been compiled to give you a detailed information on the causes, risks, complications, diagnosis and treatment of low blood pressure, other things you will learn from this book include: - How to identify main causes and underlying causes of low blood pressure - How to reduce the risks of being exposed to low blood pressure - Natural ways of preventing low blood pressure symptoms - How to prepare and apply natural remedies for low blood pressure treatments - Healthy lifestyles that can help prevent low blood pressure And much more!

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Released March 27, 2017
ISBN13 9781544959474
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