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Sophya Blackwell comes up to present Time as a different person. Her husband, William, believes she has gotten her revenge on his infidelities. This pushes him to a strange new religion that he pushes her into. Here, Sophya meets the real Lover of her soul. William can only shadowbox his jealousy.

Sophya's arch enemy, Flo, re-appears on the scene in current Time, but as the one who introduces them to the weird religion. All that's done in the name of Religion, surprises, and wounds Sophya even more. Many new prophecies occur during her new faith. Many are fulfilled from Back in Time. Sophya realizes, though people may hurt you, Jesus never will. God restores her joy and gives her strength and peace for the future.

Finally, Sophya returns from another reenactment of the Battle of Mansfield only to come home to southwest Louisiana and witness the destruction of her own marriage. God delivers her from William. Headed for shipwreck, Sophya calls on the name of the Lord. He delivers her into an eerie place, but this time with a promise. Thus, she's thrust back into the throes of Flo, then delivered by God forever.

Anya, meantime, never told her mom about going back in Time. Christian Stolsky hints at a difference in her youngest daughter but hasn't learned the truth. Anya realizes Steve reminds her of someone she grew up and went to church with, Larry. He marries another and Anya changes churches and hides her heartbreak for years. Urich, her brother, moves in with Anya and her mother in Morristown, TX. Anya must find a job that enables her to tend to them both. She wonders though, if love will come her way again.

Mikalina, their oldest sister, only gets to spend time with them, occasionally on visits, after her husband's transfer to Dallas. But she and her husband help support her siblings and mother.

What will happen when Sophya finds Brooks again? Why does Tad Walker have to re-appear? To quote, Sara the maid, "Only God knows."
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Media Books     Paperback Book   (Book with soft cover and glued back)
Released November 30, 2022
ISBN13 9780996916127
Publishers Amazon Digital Services LLC - Kdp
Pages 508
Dimensions 169 × 244 × 25 mm   ·   798 g
Language English  

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